Starting from May 4th, APE FVG resumes operations.

All the activities will be carried out, sometimes in a different way compared to how they had been planned before the health emergency, but always aiming at energy efficiency and sustainable deveolpment goals.

According to measures to prevent the contagion from COVID-19 issued by the national authority, activities will be ensured partly on site and partly through teleworking.

Please contact us by phone or directly through email:

Daria Andreazza

Martina Arteni

Daniel Bonini

Daniele Barbieri

Irene Cosano

Fabio Dandri

Michele D’Aronco

Samuele Giacometti

Sergio Gollino

Matteo Mazzolini

Andrea Nicli

Manuela Ortis

Stefano Pagani

Giulia Pederiva

Giuseppe Segno

Michele Stua

Stefano Treu

Sara Ursella

Massimiliano Zampieri