The Energy Management Agency of Friuli Venezia Giulia (APE FVG) is a non-profit organization established in 2006 that promotes energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources. It gives technical support and independent advice to citizens, businesses and public administrations, on sustainable energy investment initiatives and on climate change adaptation and mitigation.

APE FVG is based in the town of Gemona del Friuli, in north-eastern Italy and counts around 20 staff members. The Agency was born thanks to the IEE – Intelligent Energy Europe project that aimed at creating local energy agencies to tackle the decarbonization challenges at regional level. It provides guidance on EU relevant climate and energy policy frameworks and promotes the uptake of EU strategies by local stakeholders. It has taken part to more than 20 international projects focusing on the transition to a low-carbon society.

Among its members there are 68 Municipalities of Friuli Venezia Giulia region: in fact, the Agency has a long-lasting experience in climate change planning for local authorities. Originally focusing on mitigation issues, under the guidelines of the Covenant of Mayors over the last couple of years the Agency has incorporated adaptation in climate planning and implementation processes. To a larger extent, several initiatives have been promoted to enhance stakeholders’ understanding of the many challenges linked with climate change, to foster co-creation processes with local administrators and to facilitate the debate at regional level among relevant actors from different fields of expertise and subsystems.

APE FVG developed and manages an energy cadastre targeted to meet the needs of local municipalities and trains local professionals in highly specialized energy-related fields of activity (post-graduate training and vocational training).

APE FVG is member of RENAEL, the Italian network of local energy agencies, as well as of FEDARENE, the European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and Environment.


  • Energy and climate planning
  • Energy cadastre for local municipalities
  • European cooperation
  • CasaClima/KlimaHaus certification for private and public buildings
  • QM certification for district heating networks
  • Energy helpdesk FVG
  • Professional training on energy-related fields
  • Communication


Active projects:

HEAT 35 (2024-2027) Transforming district heating systems of Central
Europe into sustainable and efficient heating and
cooling systems by 2035
MISSION CE CLIMATE (2023-2026) Climate Resilient Communities of Central Europe
ZEB4ZEN (2023-2026) Zero energy buildings for zero energy neighbourhoods
AMETHyST (2022-2025) A multipurpose and tran sectorial hydrogen support for decarbonized alpine territories
CONNECTHEAT (2022-2025) Community engagement for clean heat


Past cooperation projects:

  • Alpine Region Preparatory Action Funds CAESAR 2 (Climate & energy solutions for small alpine enterprises)
  • Interreg Mediterranean SISMA Plus (Subsidy evaluation tool uptake)
  • Interreg Central Europe ENTRAIN (Enhancing renewable heat planning for improving the air quality of communities)
  • Interreg Central Europe PROSPECT2030 (Promoting regional sustainable policies on energy and climate change mitigation towards 2030)
  • Interreg Central Europe CITYCIRCLE (Circular economy hubs in peripheral urban centres in Central Europe)
  • Interreg Italy-Croatia RESPONSe (Strategies to adapt to climate change in Adriatic regions)
  • Interreg Italia-Österreich GPP4Build (Green Public Procurement for Buildings)
  • Alpine Region Preparatory Action Funds CAESAR (Climate & energy solutions for small alpine enterprises)
  • Interreg Italia-Österreich TUNE (Competenze energetiche senza confini)
  • Interreg Central Europe CE-HEAT (Comprehensive model of waste heat utilization in Central Europe regions)
  • Interreg Mediterranean SISMA (Subsidy evaluation tool uptake)
  • Interreg Italia-Österreich COME
  • Interreg Italia-Österreich ALP ECO Companies and buildings
  • Interreg Italia-Slovenia FUTURELIGHTS
  • IEE Intelligent Energy Europe